How did u get them symmetrical. Kang is nice soft spoken and does understand some english.

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He has a very dominant aura even though hes the youngest doesnt look like a maknae.

Does anyone in bts have double eyelids. 25102018 Like many East Asians I have monolids meaning my eyelids dont have creases. Everyones eyes anatomy differ so if you have a friend whose double eyelids faded it doesnt mean it would happen to you. 19022019 BTSs Jimin Jin Suga and RM Most of the members of BTS have monolids which is probably why theyre so popular right.

18022020 Hi all Im considering getting double eyelid revision done at MVP. Does anyone know why Dr Seo comes recommended on this forum when their website states that its Dr Huon who specialises in revision surgery. I looked at my predominantly white classmates double-lidded eyes and paid way too much attention to their shape and depth.

Kang in October it has now been about a little over three months since the procedure. Jun 12 2014 181 Posts. 02082017 In fact statistics have shown that only 1 out of 10 peoples double eyelids faded years after their stitching procedure.

But when he smiles hes very cute. 03092017 Suga doesnt even look like the after debut picture half the time. Does anyone have double eyelids on only one side.

His eyes are much smaller and doesnt have double eyelids. You get more single double eye lids in Koreans Japs from other forums I have read. Then again this is from a photoshoot and they couldve easily put double eyelid tape on his eyes.

So Im trying to figure out what type of eyelid I have. It should be easy to find out. Bump 11 Mar 2 2016.

10 Mar 2 2016. MNs heart gave a squeeze so hard it nearly made him double over. A 5050 mix scattered everywhere.

My recent thyroid levels are much better. Here said GN and placed a brown envelope on his desk as she got up from her chair. He has a scar on his cheek not sure if its on his left or right.

Lets talk about their eyes lmao. Even tho Taes one is more famous Yoongi also has one single eyelid and one double eyelid. My eye dryness grittiness.

15012013 Some people have natural double eyelid but it seems that they have no double eyelid. So what he did was did ptosis and bcoz u cannot not make. This is attributed by the fats.

So i heard my friend hates having eyelid but he wanted to have ptosis correction. For the longest time people told me I had a monolid but I have a slightly visible crease more so towards the outer eye. His face is 80 nose 225 eyes 25 lips.

Then those people get frustrated. Recent vitamins optimal except. PUHAHA ok anyways you can always use that eye glue stuff to even them out or make them bigger.

Kang and his staff are very nice and welcoming Dr. I think Ive read someone refer to them as marshmallow eyes- the swelling does look like a marshmallow. He has very deep creases which in itself does not prove that hes had the procedure but when you can still see those obvious creases when hes got his eyes closed then its a dead giveaway.

Also happy Sunday p. Give me a call when you get rid of her she smirked and turned around swaying her hips satisfyingly when she made it for the door. 03032016 Does anyone know from double eyelid to Monolid stories.

Muscles in your eyes. Share on other sites. To me they were yet another reminder of how different I was from the other kids in my class.

Jin here seems to have a double eyelid. His jawlines are sharper than your knife. Pain seem to have subsided thankfully but Im waking up again with very swollen upper eyelids.

31072016 One of the many reasons why I love BTS. Im so glad many of them decided against the double eye-lid surgery that almost every kpop idolkoreans get. Feb 25 2016 72 Posts Student.

Not sure if this relates only to boys or for girls too but someone told me if you have only one double eyelid it means youre a player XD. While Jisoo Jennie Ros and Lisa all have double eyelids the similarities stop there. Their eyes are so charming.

In summary there are single eyelids in all Asian countries. 04082008 Posted August 3 2008. But when he smirks you will.

Nov 28 2019 1 0. Also does anyone know if they use the excisional or non-excisional method for lowering creases. As you may know in double eyelid surgery they stitch along the upper eyelid resulting in a permanent crease line.

09112020 Every BLACKPINK member has their own unique beautyparticularly when it comes to their eyes. Theres probably no. Find a picture of somebody with double eyelids and compare them to BTS.

Kim from Le Arts Cosmetic Surgery clinic gave his analysis on what makes them so distinct in a recent YouTube video. Growing up my eyes were my biggest insecurity. Does anyone know the difference between a demi-lid or a double eyelid with an epicanthic fold.

27062021 Yes hes had it. Its not common in Asia to have double eyelids but Im Asian and I have double eyelids. 29032019 Posted this in another thread too but heres up my update I had my double eyelid revision with Dr.

The double-fold eyelid glue can be used every day before your double eyelid can appear naturally. However there is a magic stuff can help people show their double eyelid more obviously. 14032020 I have Hashimotos.

22082006 Over many generations single eyelid people mixed with double eyelid people and you have what you have today.

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