LEGO is part of some people’s life and we have seen many LEGO inspired design. However, this is first time I saw a home literally designed around the LEGO. Called “Lego Play Pond”, the whole concept of home life is redefined, with the appearance of a “magical island” that surpasses mundane reality, and which seems to bring childhood memories to life.

LEGO shaped design can be seen everywhere in the home while the most eye-catching one probably is elevated floor area. The round sofa, with its central depression resembling a swimming pool or ball pit, creates a summertime atmosphere. Below the “pond” are spaces for the householder to store wine or Lego; the elevated floor surface has room underneath for drawers that can be used for storage purposes, enhancing the functionality of the design.

Embodying immense potential for fun and enjoyment, the Lego Play Pond represents a “secret cave” that can be used for storing Lego and other items; the photos and toys displayed on the Lego boards portray their own distinctive life stories.

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