Starry Night is one of the most famous painting of van Gogh which inspires many artists, like Aja Trier. Her Starry Night Dogs series imagines a world in which our beloved four-legged friends sat for van Gogh. Each portrait features the familiar Starry Night sky (spiraling clouds and sparkling stars) rendered in the thick brushstrokes characteristic of Post-Impressionism.

When asked what are the challenges of doing her own Van Gogh series, Aja said, there are two main ones: First is the drying time – it takes long time for the painting to dry. And the second one is people taking the work so seriously and legit freaking out on me for ‘ripping off van Gogh.’

Trier also sells prints of her popular Starry Night Dogs series. You browse through her current collection on Etsy which has all kinds of Starry things.

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