No room for a full-time dining table? No problem! The cool space-saving Swing shelf from Smart Living converts to a dining table in three seconds. The rest of the time, it can live against the wall as a slim shelf that takes up very little room.

Made of wild oak, beech, or melamine shelves on a sturdy steel frame, the Swing smoothly pivots down into a dining table. Everything on the shelf—plates, cups, water pitcher—can stay where they are until the shelves have flattened to a dining surface. Totally useful if you reach for the same favorite dishes and mugs over and over; also, it makes setting the table a breeze if you just place everything you need on there after you wash and dry them.

There’s a wall model that lowers straight from the wall, perfect for a cozy breakfast nook.

Or, if you want to entertain guests and put chairs all around the table, there’s a stand-alone model with hidden casters that you can easily pull away from the wall and wheel to the middle of the room (there are multiple sizes and options, as well as indoor or outdoor models). 

Alternatively, instead of using it for dining, you can make it into a work desk. Just place your laptop, printer, paper, pens, etc., on the shelves and the Swing converts to a work surface whenever you need it (be sure any cables are off to the side, so they don’t get caught).

Also possible: a portable greenhouse. Sometimes it’s hard to give your plants the full sunbathing they love. Just pull the Swing up to a window and flatten out the shelf to let your plants get all the sunlight they need, then tuck the Swing back against the wall when you’re done.

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