For a family in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, treasured vacations inspire the best design.

A family walks into a bar… OK, technically it’s a chic boutique hotel with an outdoor restaurant and bar near their Long Island, New York, vacation home. They like it so much, they summon its designer. “It really was kismet,” says Dan Mazzarini, the artistic force behind American Beech in Greenport, New York—and, now, the family’s residences. “They called us out of the blue but were so sweet and persistent that we got them a proposal, and they signed the same day!”

The clients, Alfred and Nicole Eskandar, enlisted Mazzarini to cast their new- build home in Old Greenwich, Connecticut, in a style that one might call “vacation- inspired”—no surprise, considering how they found him. But you won’t see shiplap siding or palm-print wall­papers in their halls. Instead, the couple and their three kids provided all the direction he needed just by reminiscing. “When we met them to do this house, they had just gone on a tour through the American Southwest,” Mazzarini recalls. “So the style of the home is far more Bohemian than people usually see in Greenwich. But it really describes the family well: warm, casual, nothing too precious.”

A pale desert palette might sound all wrong in a town known for its blue-blood billionaires, but under Mazzarini and his colleague Sarah Peterson Major’s guidance, it is equally sophisticated and irreverent, a page right out of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch. “One of Nicole’s asks was that the color story be consistent: ‘I want this to read like a runway show when you’re going from room to room. I want it to work together,’ ” Mazzarini recalls. “I got it right away, so there’s a progression: bolder in the dining room, light and lovely in the family room, all kinds of gradations of desert colors.”

Terra-cotta tones, naturally, are everywhere: splashed through the pattern of a rug, in the triangles of a mural that family friend and artist Laura Spinner hand-painted onto the walls of the dining room. Poufs, made from vintage kilims, cleverly nestle up under the six-foot-square custom coffee table that Mazzarini designed for game nights in the family room.


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