While it’s true that social media has its faults, making you compare your own life with another person’s perfectly curated feed, it is still a great place to get inspired. And this applies also in the case of getting inspired for interior design. Interior design can be tricky, but the truth is that not everyone can afford hiring a designer – right? So, instead, you can attempt to educate yourself by checking out the latest trends and what works and what doesn’t on social media.

With that in mind, what social media platforms are best when it comes to getting inspired for interior design? We will list them in the following paragraphs.


Without a doubt, not only that Pinterest is a valuable tool for people looking for inspiration, but it is also an excellent tool for designers as well. That’s because it is the hub for great, unique ideas you can further use and adapt to your specific space. Pinterest is basically a visual bookmarking tool that focuses mostly on visual aesthetics.

In addition, you can get to follow the boards that appeal to you the most, as opposed to following an account consisting of several boards. Ultimately, you choose what you follow and you can customize the style that appeals to you the most when it comes to interior design. If you are the adept of a minimalist style, then, you should follow designers that use this style as well. You will soon see a lot of ideas and tricks you could eventually incorporate in your own home.


Next on the list is definitely Instagram, also a social media platform focusing mostly on imagery and aesthetics. In fact, the growing popularity of Instagram has made people go crazy over when it comes to Instagram likes app. Considering that there are so many users on this platform, many people choose it in order to grow their businesses. This is where are the frenzy with likes comes from.

Going back to Instagram and interior design, there are many beautiful accounts you could follow if you lack inspiration. Once again, you can choose the style that best suits you and the app will further redirect you towards similar accounts.

Basically, Instagram can be a valuable tool in the hands of designers, as well as those that want to add some personality and style to their homes. Plus, there are many designers that share a lot of insightful tips regarding decorating, you will find useful when you start redoing your house.

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