“Art with heart” is a collection of surreal animal portraits from Swedish artist Andreas Häggkvist who perfectly pairs his artistic skills with his passion for the environment. With experience in advertising and a background in graphic design, Häggkvist has mastered the art of sending a message. Through his whimsical work, he invites viewers to enjoy the harmonious scenes while also prompting them to ponder the bigger picture.

According to Häggkvist, the goal of his art is to make people think for a moment about some of the things that is happening on, and to, our planet. Climate change, plastic pollution, and poaching these serious issues become some of the subjects featured in Häggkvist’s eye-catching art, and he successfully raise people’s awareness without overwhelming the viewer.

Read more: https://www.designswan.com/archives/art-with-heart-surreal-animal-portraits-from-andreas-haggkvist.html


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