Getting the fam out the door in the morning can be a bit of an ordeal. Maybe you can’t find that important piece of mail you were planning on sending, or perhaps there’s a soccer cleat MIA.

One way to make the routine smoother? Keeping those everyday items in a single, organized place. Enter the Royce Polar White 60″ Hall Tree, which has plenty of space for everything you need to grab on the go.

Bonus: You can easily upgrade it to fit even more of your everyday needs. Check out the seven hacks below for making the most of your new storage life-saver.

Create a comfy place to sit.

A bright pillow can go a long way in making a small space look warm and inviting. (And, it’ll make sitting down to put on your sneakers a lot more comfortable!)

Put the kids’ artwork on display.

If you’ve officially run out of fridge space to hang your kiddo’s latest creation, choose the interior of the hall tree instead. It’ll put a smile on their face while making the structured piece feel more personal.

Store raincoats and muddy boots.

Rainy days make for muddy messes, but that doesn’t mean your home has to be a catch-all for dirt. Stash wet items in the cabinets and cubbies. Pro tip: Add a non-absorbent liner to keep your hall tree looking brand new.


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