Jo Saltz: OK, let’s jump in. What is the most fun part of your job?

Denise McGaha: Okay, this is Denise mc--ha. That’s how it’s pronounced. What was the question again?

Jo: Note to transcriber: We are two glasses of wine deep.

Denise: The most fun part of my job is presenting. I love presenting to the client and make a really big deal out of it, it’s kind of a formal thing. We serve their favorite treats, and I know what they like to drink. It’s all about the presentation: I had a client last week say, “Oh my God, do you have people who are addicted to this like plastic surgery?” Then she looked at her husband and said, “When do we get to do the next part of the house?” We did several rooms for them.

When I was young and growing up I was in 4H, and our leader always told us, “You’re investing in your future” when we had to do public speaking and presenting—and I hated it. Now it’s my favorite part of my job, so I tell my kids that all the time. You’re investing in your future.

Jo: That’s great! What do you like about presenting?

Denise: You know, I think it’s revealing it to them. Kind of like a reveal without them actually seeing the room. There’s always something where they’re like, “Oh, I didn’t expect that” or, “Oh, I love that, I never would have thought of that!” I like to see their responses. I want them to be excited, and if there’s tears at a reveal I love that too.

Brant McFarlain: So I’m Denise mc-GAH-ha. I’m kidding, I did that on purpose. No I’m Brant McFarlain. Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to do design, and what I love about this field is, doing it so long, there are so many different phases of it. There’s no redundancy, I don’t get tired of it. So I love selecting, but then I get tired of the shopping part. I love drawing, then I would get tired of that.

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