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4 Ways to Use Sectional Wallpaper as an Accent Style


Wallpaper has actually made a comeback in the design world in recent years. From scratch and sniff wallpaper to using wallpaper for optical illusions, it’s no longer just for classic farmhouses or old Victorian styles. And one of the newer trends is to work with sectional wallpaper to make more of a modern, accented look.

This look focuses on placing small sections of bold wallpaper behind or around more notable elements in the room. That way, the wallpaper doesn’t overpower the space, but you still get the added texture and color. Read on to learn how to work with this trend in more detail.

Accent in the Bathroom

You can see in the photo above how charming sectional wallpaper can be when it’s used in a bathroom space. If you’re going for more natural textures, like in the photo above, neutral-colored wallpaper can be an attractive option.

This idea also shows how well wallpaper can set a theme, as in this nautical style. And by placing the wallpaper on a higher part of the wall, you can set that theme without it overpowering the rest of the bathroom. The photo above shows how different sections of wallpaper placed across the room from each other can help add some cohesion to the space, as well.

Use Sectional Wallpaper Behind the Headboard

Sectional wallpaper also fits well into the bedroom space. It goes particularly well behind a headboard. Because the foot of the bed tends to face the doorway, you’re usually walking into a bedroom looking at the wall behind the headboard. It’s already a natural focal point in the bedroom, so some deeply colored and/or textured wallpaper can capitalize on that focal area.

Plus, placing the wallpaper behind the headboard means it doesn’t overpower the space as much. And you can see in the photo above how the wallpaper can go in a smaller section behind the headboard, rather than dominating that whole side of the room. It can also continue onto part of the ceiling for a cohesive design.

Accent Behind a Sitting Area

Another idea for sectional wallpaper is to place it behind a sitting area, like in the photo above. By just using wallpaper in a corner like this, you can create any type of mood you want for the sitting area.

In this case, large palm leaf patterns create a more laidback feeling. It almost gives the vibe of being at a tropical luau. The cool tones of the green match the blue and faded purple cool tones in the chairs, as well. So this idea shows how you can use sectional wallpaper to play around with similar color tones.

Place Sectional Wallpaper Around Cabinetry

The photo above shows a modern take on using wallpaper in the kitchen. Old kitchen styles were typically dominated by wallpapers featuring fruit or other food patterns or floral prints. This modern take went for an expansive tree motif. But the gray tree coloring matches the updated neutral color scheme of the rest of the space, so it gives a natural appearance while still staying cosmopolitan.

The wallpaper surrounds the white cabinetry well. It’s a good example of how a certain wallpaper design can be incorporated into the background of a kitchen in a very subtle way.

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