Privacy in our yards can be a major benefit. Not seeing the neighbors can keep easily distracted pets from roaming off. If you live in an area with smaller yards, lacking a privacy fence can mean becoming an uninvited near-guest to someone else’s family reunion. And sometimes you just want to feel like you’re more at home in your own space. But large privacy fences can get pricey and eventually require replacing. That’s assuming you can find a style you like. And you may live in an area that restricts what kind of fence you can have. That’s where a living privacy fence comes in.

To get a living privacy fence, you simply plan your landscape so that you can’t see the neighbors. You might plant strategic shrubbery or even have full trees at the edge of the property.

This option can get a little pricey, however. It can also take a few weeks to plan, acquire and plant the living fence. You may have to hire a landscaper to assist you. It also might take anywhere from a few months to years for the plants to reach full maturity and give the type of coverage you’re after. But if you want a natural way to add some lush privacy to your yard, a living privacy fence will be worth the investment.

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