We’re calling it now: 2019 will be the year of the plant. What started as a semi-hipster trend in interior design has become a full-on movement. Bringing the outside in has tons of benefits, of course, from mood boosting to cleaner air. But let’s face it: not everyone is famous for their green thumb. If you love the idea of a more natural way of decorating but can’t keep a plant alive to, well, save your life, don’t worry. Plants aren’t the only way to bring the outside in and we predict a move to more natural decor throughout the year.

If you’re positive you’ll kill your snake plant and you’ve assassinated your last batch of succulents, try these ideas instead.

Opt for natural materials

Hey, leaves aren’t the only way to bring in natural decor. There are plenty of non-living natural materials that can warm up your home without the whole watering and sunlight side of things. Natural materials like wicker are perfect for airy accent furniture, while breezy linen is ideal for textiles. Even leather and faux leather can be considered a natural material and can make a great contrast to lighter colors and materials.

Use color

The good news? No one has ever forgotten to water a green wall. Why not use color to bring the outside in? It can easily brighten up a room and you won’t have to have a housesitter take care of it when you go on vacation. Look specifically for colors that can be found in nature, like vibrant greens or cool, brilliant ocean blues. Choose an accent wall so you get the same pop of color you’d enjoy from a plant. Or use color in your decor accents, like throw pillows or vases.

Try faux animal touches

When you think “natural decor,” your mind usually goes to plants and trees. But don’t forget that animal print and textures can be just as natural as houseplants. A faux hide rug can bring in texture and a pop of color, while a fur throw or blanket makes a room look cozy and natural at the same time. Or go for an unexpected touch like a snake-etched ottoman or an antelope print accent rug and let your animal instincts rule.

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