Conservatories aren’t just for summer, but there’s no denying summer is the best season to make the most of them. Yes, you can get the benefit of your home extension all year round, but only if you have a well put together conservatory, which is well insulated, properly roofed and with windows fully intact.

The best time to start checking the condition of your conservatory and putting updates in place is the start of spring – just when the bitter cold starts to disappear. With warmer days approaching, you’ll start to look forward to spending time in a more naturally lit, airy space.

A well built and structured conservatory should be good at keeping both heat and light in or out, depending on the season, making it comfortable and cool when it’s sunny, and warm and cosy when it’s colder.

So what should you look for when it comes to updating your conservatory in time for summer 2019? We’ve put together a handy little checklist, covering off the main ways to keep your conservatory comfy and stylish in time for summer:

Look at tiling the roof

If you have a glazed or polycarbonate roofing system on your conservatory, you may find that the space can get too hot in the summer. Also, you’ll find it makes the space too cold in the winter, so it can be a constant battle.

The reason why this can happen is due to poor roof insulation. It is also common for homeowners to find glare in the winter and summer unbearable.

People who find this is a problem are turning to tiling their conservatory roofs, so they get the benefit of proper insulation and the good solid structure of a tiled roof. This makes the conservatory ideal to enjoy all year round.

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