This statement seems at odds with the design of the Fort Greene, Brooklyn brownstone she was hired to renovate, which includes, among other things, a powder room swathed in bright green wallpaper embellished with painted mushrooms and rabbits. But to Lavalette, owner of LAVA Interiors, that’s precisely what made the project fun.

“One of my client’s main objectives was to inject lots of personality through color,” she says. “It allowed me to really explore that aspect of my creativity.”

A vibrant palette also served as a valuable counterpoint to another of the homeowner’s wishes—to use period-appropriate furniture and lighting to complement the building’s turn-of-the-century details. “The entire home is decorated in antique and vintage pieces so as not to contrast with the original architecture, but I didn’t want it to feel precious or dated,” she continues. “My client is very affable and loves to entertain. So I wanted the space to feel fresh and inviting.”

With 4,100 square feet to work with, there was ample room to play. Lavalette layered the building’s parlor level in color and texture: a 19th-century red lacquer table beside a blue cotton velvet sofa; a vintage bamboo chair next to a salvaged antique marble mantel.

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