Do yourself a favor and quickly imagine enjoying a glass of wine or reading a book in a hammock instead of whatever it is you’re doing right now. Now take that a step further and pretend that hammock is somehow filled with warm water and bubbles—or maybe even your favorite bath salts.

That seems like the sort of dream that’d never come true, like having a rainbow shoe closetwhere there’s never a heel out of place. But you could turn this beautiful daydream into the most relaxing reality, and I’m telling you, we all deserve it. This wondrous contraption’s known as a Hammock Bath, the creation of Splinter Works founders Miles Hartwell and Matt Withington.

Since the U.K.-based duo began collaborating in 2009, they’ve reimagined what modern design could look like in a person’s home, creating stiletto tables, amusement-park-worthy pool slides, and even a chaise that looks like something from The Jetsons. With this resume, it should come as no surprise that their hammock bathtub quickly went viral on Pinterest.

As part of the team’s flagship Carbon Fibre product range, the Hammock Bath keeps your bathtub off the ground, suspended from two walls. According to a press release, the Splinter Works team was struck by “the synergy” between hammocks and bathtubs in that they’re both symbols of relaxation. “This bath has literally elevated the immersive comfort of soaking in a hot bath by combining it with the peaceful experience of kicking-back in a hammock,” it states.

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