If the more glam, the better is your home decor mantra, you need to know about Hollywood Regency. We’re guessing you probably have an idea of it what it is, and you’ve totally seen it executed before, but you might be stumped on how it came to be. Or maybe you just need a refresher on what exactly is and is not considered Hollywood Regency, so this is everything you need to know to understand the classic design style.

It Dates Back To Hollywood’s Golden Age.

Hollywood Regency came out of Hollywood’s Golden Age, in the 1930s. Producers and directors wanted to bring extra star power to their films, so they decorated with serious opulence in mind. This then translated to home decor for the major stars of the era, like Joan Crawford.


There’s A Connection To Art Deco & Mid-Century Modern.

If you’ve ever gotten serious art deco or mid-century modern vibes from Hollywood Regency, you wouldn’t be wrong. While the furniture has a lot in common with mid-centuryin the silhouettes and clean lines, the details, such as pattern and color, are inspired by art deco. “While art deco has a similar flair for opulence, it doesn’t feature the cheeky eclecticism that Hollywood Regency boasts, nor is it as modern,” interior designer Caitlin Murray of Black Lacquer Design says. “When it comes to mid-century modern, the style is much more masculine and much less ornamented than Hollywood Regency. There’s also a lot of natural wood finishes that you just don’t really see from Hollywood Regency.”

Read more: https://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/a25177079/hollywood-regency-glam-design-style/


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