Some folks out there may want their Christmas tree to look totally elegant, but you, no—you came here because you want your tree to have a sense of humor. Maybe you’re in search of a few well-placed pop culture references or funny quotes, or maybe you just want some kitschy ornaments to adorn your tree with a little extra fun.

In any case, you’ve come to the right place. These ornaments, from realistic bagels and festive dinosaurs to a sleigh pulled by beer bottles, should do the trick.

Everything Bagel Ornament

Honestly, this bagel ornament looks good enough to eat—so much so that I’m not even convinced it’s made of glass.

T-Rex Santa Ornament

Bet you can’t name anything better than a T-Rex donning a Santa hat and carrying a present in its tiny T-Rex arms.

Flying Pig Ornament

You know what they say about when pigs fly…

Hallmark Santa’s Reinbeer Ornament

Santa’s sleigh has been replaced by an empty 6-pack container of North Pole Pilsner, and his deer with antler-clad beers.

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