Now that chrysanthemums have had their moment in the spotlight, it’s time to let these festive beauties shine. Deck out your home with some winter-blooming favorites—in your standard red and green color scheme, of course, but with a few colorful surprises, too. Plus, don’t miss these tips on keeping them alive until December 25.


They’re not just for Valentine’s Day. Red and white roses look just as beautiful in December when paired with wintry accents like pinecones and berries.


It’s the signature Christmas houseplant, but the broad red petals didn’t always dominate the holidays. One clever florist figured out how to transform the plant from a gangly weed into a festive display in the ’20s. By sending free plants to television stations in December, his family business then drove the association home.

Christmas Rose

Nope, this isn’t your traditional red rose. In fact, hellebores don’t belong to the rose family at all. The perennial plants earn their Christmas ties because of an old European legend.

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