Is your home or apartment heated by old-school radiators? They’re a good heating option, especially if they’re heat-conducting cast iron. But these radiator units take up considerable wall space and, in many cases, they’re unsightly. Fortunately, you can cover them up using modern radiator covers or radiator cabinets without affecting their heating capabilities.

modern radiator covers and best radiator cabinets -
The modern radiator covers in this open floor plan home creates extra surface area while hiding the old unattractive units. 

First off, consider the material you’re using. Wood or metal are good heat conductors but be mindful about how close you place the material. A shelf over your radiator may damage the wood or block the air from circulating properly if too close. Aim to place it at least four to six inches over the radiator.

Also, allow for as much air circulation as possible. Why? The heated water inside the radiator convects, or transfers heat, into the surrounding air. If air can flow, your room will heat up. Check out these modern radiator covers and ideas to hide your tired old heating unit.

Small radiator covers

If you have a small unit or space, here are some ideas to not only hide your radiator but also reclaim the space. Consider adding shelving or some form of storage if you’re working with a small area. Create a vignette around your small radiator covers by accessorizing and adding a mirror or wall art to beautify a normally overlooked spot.

small radiator covers -

These furniture-style small radiator covers are then accessorized by adding small objects and wall art.

small radiator covers and radiator cabinets -

Two custom radiator cabinets were built tall enough to allow for air circulation and also include storage drawers. 

small radiator covers and radiator cabinets -

When you accessorize around small radiator covers, you further conceal the heating unit. In this case, the radiator cabinet looks more like a piece of furniture.

small radiator covers

Radiator cabinets should include cutouts and lattice that allow for air circulation. Choose sturdy, heat-resistant decor, like metal lamps, glass and stoneware to sit over the small radiator cover. 

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