Your bedroom is probably the room in your home that your guests see the least. That doesn’t mean it should be ignored, though. You spend a good part of your day in your bedroom, and you want to be able to wow the occasional guest who walks through. Fortunately, a single addition to your room can completely transform it. It’s time to start shopping headboards.

Adding an interesting headboard creates a focal point in your bedroom. A noteworthy headboard backing your bed is a multifunctional piece. It’s an interesting piece of furniture, it essentially doubles as art and it sets the tone for your room’s design. And your options for headboards are pretty much endless. Here are just a handful of ideas to get you started.

Geometric headboards

If you want to add a layer of visual interest to your bedroom, look no further than a geometric headboard. Different patterns, layers and textures draw the eye while also creating a canvas against which all other elements of the room can play.

geometric headboards 2

A geometric headboard doesn’t have to look busy. A clean, white pattern adds texture without taking over the space. 

geometric headboards 3

You can use a geometric design to make your bedroom feel larger.

geometric headboards 4

If you’re looking for a quirky, colorful touch in your bedroom, a geometric headboard can deliver.

Headboards with added height

Larger-than-life headboards define a room, adding a distinguished air and giving the entire space the sense that it’s been well-planned. If you want to make your bedroom look polished without having to buy an entire set of furniture and decor, a sky-high headboard is just the thing.

tall headboards 1

A headboard extending all the way to the ceiling gives your bedroom definition.

tall headboards 2

A tall, angled headboard draws the eye up and makes the space feel structured but open.

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