Black accent walls, ceilings, furniture – black is making a comeback. Similar to the little black dress, this color can be casual or elegant, depending on the accessories. It’s the boldest color, and yet it’s also neutral, making it the perfect choice when decorating. Here are some of the trendiest ways to use the color in your next decorating project.

Create a cozy, calming atmosphere

black penthouse

This San Francisco penthouse is sleek, yet cozy.

According to Dee Schlotter, senior color marketing manager for the PPG Paints brand, “Black is a classic color that is now finding its way onto the walls, creating silence, space and quiet in a very busy, distracting world.” If you treat it as a neutral paint color, it will create a lot of design options. “It goes with everything and can take the guesswork out of decorating,” she says. “Black not only complements other design elements, but also can be used to make a statement.”

Use it as a statement color

black statement

The striped print on the floor and chair complement this statement room.

Black Flame is the PPG Paints 2018 Color of the Year. Therefore, Schlotter encourages treating it as the fashion statement it is. “Treat your walls like a fashion runway and envelop the wall, trim and ceiling in it, and the hue will act like a black curtain and allow your artwork, furniture and other elements to take center stage.”

Accent a wall

black accent wall

The wall and chairs are balanced by the light colors. 

While the color black has gained popularity over the past few years, Andrea Magno, Benjamin Moore Color and Design Expert, warns readers to maintain balance when using this color. “Black works best as a wall color when there is ample natural and artificial light in a room, and when there are elements in the space that are lighter in color. For instance, in a living or dining room painted black, pale floors and light furniture will balance out the wall color so that the overall look isn’t too dark or heavy.”

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