There’s a reason you had a contractor build your home; you didn’t want to get your hands dirty. But the problem with new builds – especially those built by a developer – is that they can sometimes lack character. Fortunately, if you think of your new build as a blank slate, there’s a lot you can do to add personality. The good news? Your new home doesn’t need a drastic renovation. A few super simple weekend new build DIYs can go a long way in making your house a home. Grab your paintbrush and a hammer and you’re just a few hours away from your dream house.

Frame up your mirrors

new build diys mirror

A framed mirror adds warmth to your bathroom.

Builders want to keep their homes as neutral as possible. Erring on the side of vanilla can mean you miss out on architectural details. Some of the biggest culprits are your bathroom mirrors, which are probably unframed slab mirrors that take up a lot of your bathroom wall space. Framing your mirrors is a simple way to add texture, color and personality to your bathrooms. Just measure, cut and nail directly into the wall for a faux frame look on the cheap. Go for a bold pop of color or stay refined with a wood stain.

Add pre-cut woodwork

new build diys molding

Have crown molding pre-cut for easy installation.

Craftsman style is hot right now, but it can also drive up the cost of your build. If you opted to keep walls woodwork-free to save on your costs, you can always add that interest later. Woodwork can seem daunting, but if you have the pieces pre-cut by the lumber store, it’s a quick afternoon project. You’ll need to measure carefully to make sure all the pieces are cut perfectly, but adding crown molding or new baseboards is easy and adds plenty of charm.

Revamp storage

new build diys organization

Create organization that works for you.

Your builder has probably built hundreds of homes – but they’ve never built your home. Only you know the way you live, how you like things organized and what makes your life easier. Take a Saturday to go through your new home and reorganize your storage solutions. Maybe that linen closet was specified as such on the plans, but it makes more sense for food storage. Maybe you love your kitchen cabinets, but a few basket organizers would better keep your stuff in check. You’re likely going to spend years in your house, so it might as well be comfortable and convenient for you.

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