August is National Curb Appeal Month! It’s the perfect time to give your home’s exterior a refresh. With that in mind, we’ve brought you four fresh curb appeal ideas to help you celebrate. The ideas below are small changes that can be done on a variety of budgets.

Read them over and decide which ones will work best for you. Even just doing one or two will leave your front entrance feeling brand new.

Paint your front door

If you want your curb appeal to truly pop, there’s no stronger statement you can make than with a freshly painted front door. This will ensure that all eyes zoom to your doorstep from the street. Those going for a modern look should choose bright colors, much like the fire-engine red door above. However, if you’re a bigger fan of classic aesthetics, opt for a more neutral shade like black to keep the look subdued.

To do this, start by removing the door and any hardware. Then, move it to a flat surface and sand it down to get rid of the current finish. When you’re ready, apply a coat of primer. Follow that with a coat or two of exterior paint in the color of your choice. Finally, allow the door to dry completely before re-installation.


Replace your hardware

If you’re not up for the workload that comes along with painting your front door, you can still make it shine by replacing your hardware. Since replacing these pieces only involves using a screwdriver, your biggest consideration, in this case, is which finish to choose. Opt for a color that will contrast with your front door in order to bring the biggest amount of visual interest to the space.

Beyond your doorknob or handle, consider adding a few additional accessories to finish off the look of your doorstep. The addition of a door knocker will help bring a stately feel to your property. Some fresh house numbers will help create a welcoming vibe, as well as providing passersby with useful information if needed.

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