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How to Deal with Construction Delays


There you are, staying on schedule and getting ready to move into your new home when boom: construction delays. Suddenly your perfect schedule seems more like a general guideline and it causes a ripple effect throughout your build. How do you get back on track?

Building a new home can definitely be stressful, especially when your schedule starts to slip. Everything from weather delays to unethical contractors can throw your build off balance. It might not seem like a big deal, but if you’re planning on selling your current home and moving into your new one based on your builder’s schedule, you know that timing is everything. Don’t let one delay derail your whole build. No build stays perfectly on schedule throughout, but there are some things you can do to prevent and deal with construction delays.

Define expectations

Clear communication is a must before your build ever breaks ground. Have a conversation with your builder about the schedule and how they’ll deal with construction delays. Taking the time to outline your expectations can help you gain some much-needed perspective about the build process. It’s also important to be realistic about your expectations. Some things, like bad weather, can’t be controlled by your builder. Short delays are to be expected, and being realistic can save you from future frustration.

Pad the schedule

If the completion of your home triggers other events–say, the sale of your existing home or your mortgage closing date–make sure you give yourself some wiggle room. A tight schedule could cause a domino effect if a construction delay pushes back your home completion. By adding a week or two between the projected completion date and your other tasks, you can rest a little easier knowing that one rainy day won’t completely derail your progress.

Minimize changes

When the sky’s the limit, it’s hard to make choices. But once the papers are signed and construction begins, any changes you make to your home’s design will definitely cause delays. What might seem like a little change to window sizes or plumbing can actually cause huge adjustments to product orders, engineering and infrastructure. Your best bet is to spend more time during the design process to make sure you’re completely satisfied before ever breaking ground. Then, you can just enjoy the process without stepping in to stop construction.

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