A fireplace usually conjures up images of sitting on the hearth indoors, sipping a warm drink. However, thanks to modern ingenuity, outdoor fireplaces are just as popular as their indoor counterparts. Now on those cooler nights, you don’t have to leave your patio to enjoy a traditional fireplace.

Outdoor fireplaces tend to be constructed from three main materials: stone, brick and plaster. Some styles mix these materials. Take a look below for some of the top outdoor fireplace designs in each material. You may just be inspired to install your own.

Stone outdoor fireplaces

Stone is a natural material for a fireplace. It’s fire resistant and can be arranged in attractive patterns. Different colorings also make for interesting contrast. Depending on how the stone is arranged, you can have a rustic look or a more neat style — you might even use the stone to create an accent wall.

What’s more, stone offers versatility in any outdoor setting. Stone outdoor fireplaces allow for cooking additions like a pizza oven. Some styles add a TV onto the stone’s surface above the fireplace.

Outdoor Fireplaces Light Stone TV

Outdoor Fireplaces TV and Stone

Brick outdoor fireplaces

Brick is another no-brainer choice due to how fire resistant it is. Beyond mere function, brick can also support a wide array of styles. The most common type you’ll see is a basic red brick, which creates a classic look. Some of these brick patterns appear truly rustic, with a more loose fit between the bricks. Sometimes the bricks form neat patterns. Other times the red combines with darker brick shades for contrast.

Whatever the style, brick fireplaces are a great way to get that classic style while adding some deep red color to the space.

Outdoor Fireplaces Red Brick Design

Outdoor Fireplaces Brick Style

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