Day True recently completed the design of the Shoreditch Loft, a contemporary apartment with industrial influences located in London, UK. The London industrial loft was part of a full house project renovation; the client wanted to completely reorganize the structure of the living areas.

The architecture studio defines this project as having “a progressive and simple design that blends in the environment and enhances its architecture.” Without a doubt, some of the features that impacted the design scheme were the tall interiors, double-height windows and minimalist concrete walls, which stand out as you enter the apartment.

One huge improvement was adjusting the position of the staircase. In doing so, the designers were able to expand the mezzanine level and add an extra bedroom. Custom-made wooden cabinetry units in the kitchen provide warmth to the open-space living area.

The clients are lovers of art, so they wanted an environment in which to display their artifacts and work. Decorative paintings, a traditional carpet in the living room and personalized wallpaper in the kitchen give this London industrial loft its jazzed-up, colorful look. For the bathrooms, the designers chose Brazilian blocks to divide the functional areas, in addition to industrial locks and fittings. Have a look and tell us what you think! Photography by Day True.

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