In the era of open-plan homes and mobile electronic devices, home designs are incorporating more multifunctional rooms into their floor plans. Kitchens with islands become both dining room and workstation. Offices double as guest bedrooms. Due to constrained space, some smaller homes require you to combine room functionality.

Looking for a little inspiration in creating your own multifunctional room? Below are some of our favorite examples.

Bedroom/tub areas

Fitting a tub into a small space can be a challenge, but sometimes you just have to unwind with a bubble bath, which is why some enterprising home designers brazenly put the tub right in the bedroom. You might wonder if doing so disrupts the look of the bedroom, making it feel like you’re sleeping in a

bathroom, but it’s quite easy to pull off with some smart design choices. There are several ways to visually distance the bed from the tub, making the space look logical and well laid out.

Indoor play area multifunctional rooms

Combining playrooms with other areas of the home is a huge trend in home design. The most common, of course, is the child’s bedroom. But other areas can be used as well.

Having an indoor place for a child to play is a good option for areas in cities where it is less safe for a child to be outside, where the weather is bad for much of the year, or instances in which a child’s outdoor play options are limited due to conditions, such as allergies.

Below are several creative ideas for bringing the playground inside.

This is more of a designated playroom, but it shows how a basketball hoop placed in the home can turn any space into a play space.

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