Don’t like dogs, cats spend most of their time at homes. Hence, making their felines friends as comfortable and happy as possible becomes many cat lovers’ responsibilities. Today, modern cat furniture is more popular than ever and we have mentioned many different cat furniture and playhouse. However, purchase pre-made furniture seem not enough for some cat owners so they go even further – custom-build cat furniture.

Designed by Taiwan-based INDOT design firm, this glass and wood kitty lounge provides a dynamic space where the owner’s four cats can play and relax. Appearing to “float” within the modern living room, the custom-built design is mounted onto a recessed wall and supported by hidden metal rods. Once inside the enclosure, the cats can enjoy the numerous perching spots, explore wooden boxes, and tend to their claws on a scratching post that runs through the entire space, top to bottom.

Besides the entrance for cats, the lounge also has a door for people on one end so owner can come into and do some cleaning as needed. Seems like a beautiful design but not sure how much the cats will like to stay there. As all the cat owners know cats can make themselves comfortable almost anywhere.

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