Situated on one of the highest places in İzmir, the Bornova penthouse is a combination of a city home, office, party area and even a comfy hotel concept at times. The flat represents the style of tranquility of Wabi-Sabi combined with the fresh style of Scandinavia.

Since the owner loves to DJ as a part time hobby, he wanted the top floor to be arranged as a party area. A fireplace, kitchen, dining area and a relaxing corner unit are featured in the glazed area of the floor and there is a turntable for DJing and a bedroom separated by curtains together with a bathroom as a part of the closed area of the top floor.

Minimising the need for accessories and keeping the look simple and fresh is the main feature of the flat. Adding an industrial touch with copper and brass objects used to create a contrast to the warm and tranquil look.

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