The mid-century modern, single-story ranch home is no longer America’s favorite. According to a recent survey by real estate website Trulia, Millennials, who are buying their first homes, have tipped the scale in favor of the new winner: the craftsman bungalow. The craftsman came in first, at 43 percent, with the ranch home following at 41 percent and the colonial-style home at 36 percent.


What’s interesting is the great architectural divide between younger and older Americans. More than half (52 percent) of surveyed Millennials, between the ages of 18 and 34, picked the craftsman-style home as their favorite, while 52 percent of participants aged 55 and up preferred the ranch style.

But coming across a craftsman bungalow isn’t so easy. According to Trulia’s data, “Colonial, ranch, Cape Cod, Victorian, and mid-century” homes make up most of America’s housing inventory, making the lovely craftsman house a commodity.

Craftsman bungalow style

Here are some beautiful examples of craftsman bungalows and what makes them unique. Some of the most popular elements include plenty of wood detail (especially in oak), hand-forged black iron hardware and lighting, and earthy color combinations.

Craftsman kitchens

Craftsman bungalow living rooms


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