We’ll never look at a corner, bedroom dresser, or pocket door the same way.

When we spotted Kim and Scott’s kitchen makeover on their blog, Yellow Brick Home, our first thought was “gorgeous!” But upon closer inspection, we might want to trade in our adjective for “smart.” Seriously, we’re so impressed by how much storage they squeezed into areas many of us often overlook.

Here’s what the kitchen looked like when they started:

It was pretty barren — but the couple completely conquered the challenge of an entirely blank slate. Here are just a few very important lessons we learned from their home renovation:

1. Bedroom dressers make the best kitchen islands.

Think about it: They’re waist-high and offer tons of tidy drawer space. The bloggers removed the existing top of this piece of furniture and replaced it with a butcher block counter that has a 10″ overhang that stool can hid under.


2. You can fit an entire pantry in a slim, pull-out cabinet.

Or rather, when your kitchen doesn’t come with a storage space big enough for all of your food, you get creative. These homeowners added a tall sliding drawers (see them on the left, below), that blend seamlessly into their cabinetry, for pantry items and spices.

3. Pocket doors are space-saving workhorses.

Why? Because they quite literally tuck away when not in use. When these homeowners opted for a pocket door between their kitchen and mudroom, they gained valuable space and were able to add a longer counter.

Read more: http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/renovation/a34441/kitchen-makeover-storage-lessons/


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