This is such a unique property!

How would you like to come and knock on this door? The Palm Springs mansion belonging to Three’s Companstar Suzanne Somers has been waiting for you — and it could be yours when it goes up for auction on January 31 at 7 p.m. EST.

The actress and her producer husband, Alan Hamel, purchased Les Baux de Palm Springs, as the 70-acre estate is named, in 1977. Now, more than 40 years later, they’re ready to move on and build a new home, but they can’t seem to sell this one. After being listed a few times over the last decade but attracting no buyers, the eight-bedroom residence at 252 Ridge Road will go to the highest bidder in a sale conducted by Concierge Auctions.

In the past the property situated in the desert mountains has been listed for $12.9 million to $35 million, but this time the auction is “no reserve,” which means there’s no minimum price.

 Located in the Mesa neighborhood, the mansion — which is actually comprised of five separate villas connected by stone paths, renovated and expanded by the couple over the years — is quite quirky. There’s the main house, guest houses, an outdoor amphitheater, a carousel (which is in need of repair), and more, all accessible by funicular, or tram.

Yep, this place has its own tram!

The hillside home also boasts a pool and beautiful views of Palm Springs.

Somers fell for the “French village” feel back when she and Hamel first saw it. She told People in March: “As we rode up the romantic funicular, I said to Alan, ‘Let’s buy this,’ and he said to me, ‘Could you please adopt a poker face so we don’t have to pay full price?’ I was not able to contain my excitement and we paid more than full price.”

The star, now 71, has preserved the mansion’s French countryside aesthetic, incorporating wooden beams in bedrooms, clawfoot tubs in bathrooms, and a quaint kitchen that looks like it was plucked from the prettiest old farmhouse. Keep scrolling for more views of this gorgeous estate!

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