It comes in so many colors, but this dusty pink is definitely our favorite.

We love the luxurious look and feel of velvet, and if you too are a big fan of the sumptuous fabric, then you’ll probably love these velvet effect wallpapers.

Murals Wallpaper has designed the on-trend Opulent Velvet collection which promises to bring dramatic color, sensuality, and texture to any interior.

The elegant, drape-like design with stylized folds, boasts rich, comforting hues in different colors including dark blue, emerald, mustard, and dusky pink.

Creating a unique and luxurious space, a statement wall mural like this is perfect for a bedroom or guest room. Imagine when you have guests over — it’ll be too tempting not to touch! This design will also work great as a feature wall, whether that’s a reading nook or to help zone your home office with a separate work and relaxation area.

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