When it comes to deciding on a colour scheme for the bedroom, there are lots of aspects to take into account. Do you aim to create a calming atmosphere or a glam residence? Does the space need accentuating, or could the room use a cosy colour palette? Are you looking to fashion a feminine boudoir, a bachelor pad or something a little more gender neutral?

Whether you are trying to decide on a colour scheme for your master bedroom, guest bedroom or child’s bedroom there are plenty of unique ways to style your bedroom interior.

From clean, neutral colour palettes to the bold and beautiful, our selection of interior experts have provided us with a bunch of bedroom colour scheme ideas. Browse through our collection of inspirational images and advice to find your ultimate bedroom colour combination.

Dark Colour Schemes

Dark Green

The bedroom is a very important room in any home. It’s the place where you go to recharge your batteries after a busy day and relax both physically and mentally. A bedroom shouldn’t be a place just for sleep, but a place that also stimulates the imagination. And while white or beige might be a great idea for a bedroom colour scheme, I for one, am fascinated with darker colours. The main reason is simple: anything you place on such a backdrop will pop out and create a wonderful contrast.

All you need for that to work is a darker colour backdrop and play around with more vibrant colours that can be found in pieces of furniture, accessories, curtains, art etc. For example, if you choose to go for a patterned headboard for your bed or use playful cushions, the result will be absolutely fab and easy to achieve (not to mention easy to switch up). Oh and let’s not forget about the potential of art on such walls! After all, life is full of colour! We should all celebrate that!

Black and white floral

Lily Kitten, Lifestyle Blogger

Although minimalist Scandi style is all the rage right now, for me, my bedroom is my boudoir and that’s the vibe I try and create when decorating it. Although neutral colours and contemporary furniture are popular in the bedroom for their relaxing qualities, I much prefer to let my personality run wild and create my own space. I love vintage glamour and strong colours, so my bedroom replicates that entirely. I went for a monochrome theme with large floral patterns and intricate attention to detail.

Rich Blue and Dusky Pink

Lyndsay Gardner, Lifestyle Blogger

When it comes to interiors, usually I’d say I love light, bright and airy rooms – unless it’s the bedroom, where I prefer a darker space to relax in. I just love this rich blue wall which looks so peaceful and tranquil – ideal to switch off from the world after a long day. The dusty rose bedding and white marble cushions give this room the perfect balance of light and dark, with peonies adding life to what could be quite a dark corner. This looks like it would be my sanctuary away from the world!

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