When it comes to making a room feel more like home, all you have to do is look down. A simple but significant update to any room can be as easy as rolling out a new rug.

Benefits to adding a little more coverage to your floor range from vanity to utility. While they can tie your whole room together and act as a statement piece, there are practical features to rugs as well. Laying rugs out in a room with hard wood or tile can prevent cold feet and reduce draftiness. Adding a rug to your entryway or porch can keep inside floors and carpets cleaner, as they catch the brunt end of whatever your guests might have on their shoes or bare feet.

Whether it’s your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or entryway that needs a little extra something, these rugs have got you covered.

Neutral area rug

A neutral area rug acts as the glue for any room, especially in a monochrome room. Think of a neutral area rug as the canvas on which to stack your furniture and bring your room’s vision to life. Not to mention, in a sitting area like this, having a plush area rug presents more comfortable options for sitting areas as you and your family and friends gather cross-legged on the floor for game night or movie night.

Faux cowhide rug

Perhaps one of our favorite interior decorating trends, a faux cowhide rug offers all the practical benefits of a normal area rug with an extra dose of cool. The earthy tones and natural texture of a rug like this adds some soul to your space. Using this style of rug as part of your home office or bedroom is a sure way to add a luxurious update to your routine.

Textured area rug

A textured and colorful area rug like this one is like a piece of art with a purpose. It is practicality, elegance, fun and a conversation starter all in one. When choosing a textured rug remember to pay close attention to detail and think about its specific location in your home. Think about the color and textures of furniture your rug will be playing off of and whether or not they will mix well.

Read more: https://freshome.com/favorite-furniture-rugs/


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