As the sunny, carefree days of summer wind down, we look ahead to the days of apple orchards and colorful leaves. When it comes to fall, one of our favorite things is the feeling it invokes. Crisp mornings, roaring fireplaces and baked goods all say “comfort.” Our desire to reflect these feelings in our homes this fall seems to be a natural next step as we approach the new season.

Transforming your home for the cooler seasons does not have to mean going overboard with your time or budget. Nor does it mean having to showcase pumpkin-shaped-anything or hanging a leaf-covered wreath on your front door. In fact, adding a few specific pieces to your space can create a cozy atmosphere. When it comes to creating a warm and intimate vibe in your home this fall, two of the key players are texture and lighting. Adding one, or even all, of the following features and accessories to your living space can create a relaxing ambiance.


1. Comfy throws

A drape of the right throw can make even the chicest and modern of leather couches and chairs look absolutely nap-worthy. Choosing a chunky knit throw or Afghan to adorn your furniture can instantly make a room look more inviting. Opting for warmer colors like light browns or neutral off whites adds season-inspired color accents while remaining neutral enough to be used throughout the year.


2. Textured rugs

Stepping out of bed or into a living room onto a cold tile or hardwood floor is never comfortable. Not to mention hard floors tend to make a room feel draftier. The best home solution for cold feet this fall is a gorgeous area rug. While practicality plays a factor in adding textured rugs for the colder season, we are surely not the first to tell you that a rug can tie a whole room together.

This fall, venture on the side of heavier knits and textures when it comes to area rugs. Don’t be afraid to play around with fringe, bold patterns or even animal prints. Try layering rugs under furniture (like your coffee table or bed) for a tied-together look.


3. Candle arrangements

Arranging candles into bundles or even spacing them out throughout a room is a way to create warm lighting that’s not overbearing. Bundling candles together in a cluster is a great way to emulate a “fireside feel” without the fireplace. If you are doing a bundled arrangement, position several candles of varying height and breadth to keep the arrangement interesting.

If you would rather space out your flickering beauties, use clear glass vases or colored candle holders to take the lighting to the next level. Using glass accessories for your candles not only amplifies the light, but colored glass gives normal candlelight a soft and romantic look.

When lighting several candles in the same place, only one should be scented and the rest should be scentless to avoid overwhelming the room.


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