As years and seasons change, the trends come and go. Oft times when it comes to statement pieces it’s best to find a piece, a pattern or a color that withstands the test of time. One of our favorite accents that seems to be here to stay is the marble trend. After seeing the way marble can completely transform a space, we are beginning to understand what the Romans made all the fuss about. We are absolutely musing over marble.

Renewing its name on the interior decorating scene a few years ago, marble has transformed rooms, making its muted, chic statement in every form, from makeup brush holders to kitchen tables. Even if you’re not looking to re-adorn entire rooms of your home in the immediate future, adding marble accessories can rejuvenate any space in your home.


The neutrality and sleekness of the marble against the live and organic quality of the plants form a harmonious pair. Coming in a variety of colors and metal accents, you can mix and match sizes to match each room’s surroundings. Try varying both the plant sizes and heights as well as the heights and shapes of the marble pots for an interesting display. We love these planters either clustered in various sizes on a side table or all in a row and on display on a window sill.


Marble trays are one of the easiest and most versatile options you can indulge in. Trays can be set and used anywhere from the night stand or coffee table to the kitchen. They are sturdy and you won’t run the risk of smudges or feel the need to dust them every three days as you might with glass or mirrored trays. No matter where you decide to set these trays they offer up a clean and cool look while also lending a hand in making everything on and around it look much more organized. By the time you’re done with these, even the collection of remotes you’ve accumulated will look elegant.


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