If going to cute cafes and bistros make you happy, get happiness home! While honing your culinary and baking skills is one way to feel closer to your favorite restaurant, having your home set up in a cafe style design will surely make the whole experience so much sweeter!

Cafe style design idea #1: Slate board

There is nothing that says cafe decor more than a slate board. It adds an effortlessly vintage touch to your home. Use it to write down the day’s menu, leaves notes, track groceries or perhaps some inspiring quotes.

Cafe style design idea #2: Tungsten Lights

Tungsten lights are the new rage in the list of cafe design trends. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they lend an irresistible industrial charm and go well in transitional and modern themes. Go for a motley collection and suspend it over your dining space for that cafe-like effect.

Cafe style design idea #3: Wall decals

There is so much one can do on an empty wall. Pick cool wall decals that remind you of your favorite cafe. They are so easy to apply!

Cafe style design idea #4: Exposed brick wall

Exposed brick walls are a common design concept in cafes. They lend a textured, weathered look as well as a sense of history to whichever room they are in. Also, there are plenty of wallpapers out there that mimic the effect.

Cafe style design idea #5: Furniture

More often than not, cafe decor comprises simple, pared-back furniture to give it an informal and laid-back feel. This leaves plenty of scope for accent pieces like quirky crockery, antique timepieces etc. to take centerstage.

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