These ingenious home improvements run from architecture design to product design, cover designs for limited space and budget to some pretty luxurious request. Take a look a the list and hope it will give you some inspiration of how to make a cool and dream home.

1. Space-Saving Suspended Bed

If you have limited space but still want to live in a quality life, rather than a pull-out sofa, a suspended bed like below is a good alternative.

2. All-in-one living cube

This hand built “cube” is home for everything including TV, clothes, shoes, books and vinyl collection. Moreover, this cube has a guest bed on top and tons of storage space inside.

3. Have a hidden work-space

If you can’t allocate any space as a home office but still want to somehow have a dedicated space for computer, you can either use furniture like below with a pull-out bench or set up your little office in a closet. Both of options allow you to hide your home office if you want.

4. Pack-able Bathroom Furnishing for Tiny Space

“Pixel” series of bathroom furnishings are so compact that can fit tiniest of tiny micro spaces since each wall-mounted unit is just 16cm thin. To unpack it, simply open the sliding door to reveal a full-size folding sink and underlying storage.

5. Storage space under stair

Space under stari is always under-used. Set up some hidden closets for your miscellaneous stuff and give your home a clean looking.

6. Home office under stair

If you don’t need extra storage space, how about a home office under stairs? Of course it is not as private as a dedicated office but it gives most you need as a home office.

7. Use Mirror to Enlarge your Space

Mirror is one of best decoration piece to easily increase the depth of a room and give the illusion of a bigger space. Subtly usage of mirror enable you to make your room twice as big as it supposes to be.

8. Super compact walk-in bathtub

For some people, a bathroom is incomplete without a bathtub. However, how can you have a bathtub if you have a small bathroom. This cool walk-in bathtub is only 1.4 m (55-inch) long with plenty storage/shelf space at sides. With its unique design of contoured seat and elevated back rest, you can have a quite relaxing bath even in such small bathtub.

9. Stair case double as storage space

Having storage under stair is clear. But how about doubling the stair case as storage. Like in below design, each stair case can be pulled out as a drawer. Another excellent way to use stair.

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