For many, moving feels like an excuse to go on a serious design binge. After all, new rooms are the perfect place to try out some of the looks and trends you’ve been drooling over for a while. Plus, it’s common knowledge that new spaces need a personal touch to feel homey.

Unfortunately, though, it isn’t always possible to plunge into a full redesign. Whether you’re trying to save a little money or you just don’t have the time to commit to another project, sometimes you need to figure out how to incorporate your existing furniture into fresh interiors.

If you’re worried about pulling this task off without having your design look pieced together, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got tips and tricks to help shape your new house into a home. Keep them in mind as you set up your rooms and we guarantee you’ll feel settled before you know it.

Rethink your layout

This one might be the hardest to wrap your head around. We get it. You’ve had your old layout in place for a while and, at this point, it would just feel weird to try it any other way. However, rethinking your furniture placement allows you to find configurations that best fit this home — at no additional cost.

As for how to pull this process off, you first need an open mind. Walk around your home with fresh eyes and consider where the focal point should be in each room. Mentally take stock of all the furniture pieces at your disposal and brainstorm how to arrange them in a way that will draw the eye where it needs to go.

Once you have a vision in mind, take measurements to make sure the pieces will fit and then bring in the furniture to play around with the configuration. While you’re trying out different arrangements, remember to keep both aesthetics and function in mind.

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