We’re familiar with flat-pack furniture, but have you ever heard of a flat-pack house?

The Tree House is an ingenious construction by Ten Fold, a team of engineers based in the UK. The stackable homes, that can be folded and unfolded, are convenient, space-saving and are relatively cheap in comparison to the rest of the property market, at a reasonable £100,000 ($130,000).

After seven years in the making, inventor David Martyn and his team have perfected their product to be folded and unfolded using only a hand crane. In essence, this new style of housing can be transported with you and can be opened up where ever you choose.

The cross-shaped structure is entered by a small ground-floor doorway which leads to the bulk of the house on the elevated first-floor. It has four compartments which are connected by a central communal area with a high skylight. Surrounded by glass walls, the pop-up home would be full of natural light but also has means for electricity once in situ. It doesn’t appear to come with toilet facilities.

Originally designed to be a home, Martyn believes the buildings could also be used as pop-up classrooms, shops, hospitals and shelters for the homeless.

Watch it grow!

Read more: http://www.housebeautiful.com/design-inspiration/real-estate/news/a9292/flat-pack-home-unfolded-folded/


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