When decorating your living room zones or dining room areas, there are many compositional details and specific style accents that one should keep in mind. Aside from the trends in furniture, colors, and textures (which we have explored in details for you in our previous publications), there is also the small artistic details, materials choices and design structures that round up the place together.

So we would like to introduce to your attention some trendy and inspired dining room wall decor ideas that will help you create the home of your dreams with a dash of style and unique modern and personalized charm. Different materials, decor elements, clever insertions: from classic wood, marble and stone structures, to small thoughtful details like mirrors, plates or vertical gardens; on today’s interior decor scene there are no limits to the creativity and imagination. Want to know how to decorate a dining room wall? Take a look at these beautiful and sometimes even stunning examples we have handpicked for you.

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Art Gallery Walls

Most people like to decorate their working spaces with pictures, drawings, and other meaningful memorabilia items, but lately, we observe the migration of these colorful assembles called art gallery walls – towards the dining spaces of the home, an intriguing and personal touch that completes the decor of the dining zones. Often the content of this assembles shows the private interests and passions of the inhabitants of the home. The traditional portraits and still life art compositions are replaced with modern posters from cultural events, book illustrations, graphics or even street art replicas that reflect the contemporary pop culture trends.

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For a base of the art gallery walls, one can use a “virgin” white wall as well as dark or intense colors base. But is important that the frames of the decoration are contrasting with the base – black, golden, silver or patina frames are quite trendy right now. Dynamic juxtaposition of sizes, shapes, and places is intentionally searched within the borders of the assembly – it brings dynamic tension and specific character for your art gallery wall.

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There are few pointers you can use when assembling your trendy gallery wall: first – is important that the content is meaningful to you. It is true that the presence of such a decor element, that combines your favorite prints and art pieces can instantly elevate the style and value of any space, but it also presents you and your passions and interests, so it’s important for you to enjoy it – you are the one that will have to look at it every day.

Image credit: www.lonny.com

It is good that there are no limits or special requirements for the sizes, colors, contents or shapes of the different elements of such a gallery composition. You can choose pieces that have a common thread – a certain color for example or an ideological theme. But you don’t have to limit yourself – hurray!

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